Event Coordinator:  Jay Kaplan

Join Hartford Audubon members as we participate in the annual Summer Bird Count. Species and numbers are counted on this two-day tally within our Christmas Count circle. Bird one day or both and help collect breeding bird data and track species trends for Connecticut.

For more information, contact Jay at 860-693-0157 or jaybrd49@aol.com

Join us for a bird walk and the company of our members to kick off the summer!

A bird walk will be led at 5:00 when we hope to see orchard orioles, indigo buntings, and bluebirds.

Bring a dish of your choice, its serving utensils, your place setting, and something to drink. The picnic will conclude with a brief meeting.

Warming Shed, Northwest Park, 145 Lang Rd, Windsor

Birdwalk – 5 pm

Picnic – 6 pm


Trip Leaders – Sarah Faulkner and Larry Lunden

Celebrate CT Trails Day with a leisurely 2-hour bird walk on trails through mixed woodlands and fields, across wetlands and near ponds. Wear boots and bring insect repellant.

Ridge Blvd, E Granby – meet at main entrance at the end of the guard rail.

For more information, contact Sarah at 860-543-1280 or sffaulkner@comcast.net or contact Larry at 860-232-2416 or killdeer431@comcast.net

Larry Lunden will lead  a walk at Greenstone Hollow.
Enjoy and get to know Hartford Audubon sanctuaries and also get your double points for the Birdathon. We hope to see you there.

4:30 p.m. Station 43 at Newberry Rd & Main street, South Windsor. Leader Sarah Falkner

Please join the Hartford Audubon Society on Sunday, March 8th to celebrate the return of daylight savings time with a one-day bird-a-thon.

* Bird by teams (2-4 people) – Teams should have names and are encouraged to “go crazy” with hats. tee-shirts, and decorations!
* Bird in Hartford County from 6 am to 6 pm
* Every species found is worth one point, and if found on an HAS preserve is worth 2 points
* Prizes, pictures, and awards will be presented at the Pot luck supper.
* Pot luck supper at 6 pm at 400 Kebalo Lane South Windsor (Club House)
* We ask that each team promptly completes an ebird list for each location visited
* 2/3 of the team must see the bird for it to be counted
* If you welcome a NEW birder into the team 10 points will be awarded
You need not be a member of Hartford Audubon to participate – all are welcome to help usher in spring!  And then let’s all celebrate together at the pot luck dinner in South Windsor.

Information about the four Hartford Audubon preserves is available on our website at http://www.hartfordaudubon.org/  under Sanctuaries.
Questions and confirmation of participation – please email Maggie Peretto at: wings.mp@gmail.com

Bob Winter will lead a bird walk at Lewis Farm / Hartford Audubon bird sanctuary.
This Sunday, March 8th starting at 10 am. Get your double points for the Birdathon!!!

Maggie Peretto will lead a bird walk at Hartford Audubon’s Tobacco Valley sanctuary. Get your double points for the Birdathon!!!  Then join us for the Pot Luck supper at 6 pm.

Trip Leader – Paul Cianfaglione

The trip focuses on finding wetland birds such as Virginia Rail, Sora, Marsh Wren, Least Bittern, Swamp Sparrow and Wood Duck.  Boots and insect repellant are advised.

Meet at corner of Newberry Rd and Main St, S Windsor

For more information – contact Paul at 860-836-3443 or pgcianfaglione@gmail.com



Trip Leader – Peter Stephan

Visit Perch River Marsh, Cape Vincent, Fort Drum, Ferd’s Bog and Moose River Plains with stops along the way when Peter hears birds.

Call Peter for arrangements at 860-729-8374 or stephraf@aol.com