In addition to enjoying our regular winter birds, we’ll search for possible unusual visitors such as Redpolls.

Join us for some urban birding at Cambridge’s Alewife Reservation. We’ll look for winter visitors and whatever else may come our way, a chance to do some advance scouting for the next day’s Christmas Bird Count.

Plum Island (Parker River NWR) is one of the top birding spots on the entire East Coast for a reason! We’ll cover the first part by car, stopping at the Salt Pannes and other overlooks to check out the marshes and waterways. Then we will probably spend a good amount of time near the observation tower and water areas there before walking the Hellcat trails for forest/marsh birds. If time permits, we can check out the Pines trial as well, which is short and has a nice marsh overlook. Finally, if folks have time later, we can also walk to the beach for any shore and seabirds. Bring a spotting scope if you have one, and water and snacks. There is an entrance fee of $5/car, or get a yearly pass (“Duck Stamp”) for $25.

Let’s find some sparrows at the fields, then – who knows?

There are still some fall migrants passing through, and it’s a great time of year for a hike in the Fells. Join us as we explore the Lawrence Woods section of the Middlesex Fells in Medford, looking for migrating warblers, woodpeckers and raptors.

We’ll look for Hermit Thrushes and other late fall migrants at this wonderful time of the year.

Our target bird is the Fox Sparrow, and this is the time and place to find it. 

Our target bird is the Fox Sparrow, and this is the time and place to find it. 

We’ll look for warblers in the trees, sparrows in the fields, and hopefully something in the marshes.

The farm fields on Waltham Street in Lexington have yielded some interesting fall migrants in past years. Join us as we search for migrating sparrows, raptors, and maybe even that elusive Dickcissel. If the fields are slow, we’ll cross the street to Dunback and try our luck there.