The all-day conference features nine presentations by leaders in their field.

  • Laurie Goodrich on Broad-winged Hawk migration to Brazil and back
  • Rob Bierregard on Osprey journeys and the new technology used to track them
  • Cheryl Dykstra on urban raptors and their behavioral ecology
  • Chris Martin on dispersal, migration, and overwinter site fidelity of female Peregrines in New Hampshire
  • Eric Masterson on following Broad-winged Hawk migration via bicycle
  • David Oleyar presentation on the latest Raptor Population Index report
  • Chris DeSorbo on the conflicting influences of mercury contamination and the restoration of anadromous fish on Maine’s Bald Eagle population
  • Larry Fischer on the life history of Saw-whet Owls from four seasons of banding returns
  • Trudy Battaly and Drew Panko on the importance of your migration counts and what they tell us

Registration for the conference is now open. For complete information, including directions to the conference, speakers’ abstracts, and registration forms, visit

Registration is $45 FOR NEHW members; $50 for nonmembers. ($55 covers conference registration and a year’s membership in the NEHW, including a 40 pp annual report on hawk migration in the northeast.) An optional luncheon sandwich buffet (including vegetarian selections) is $15. Register in advance; first forty registrants receive a free one-page hawk calendar.