The New England Birding Calendar includes birding events, meetings and gatherings from across New England. There is no cost to be included.

There are two ways to get your events to appear in the calendar:


Do you have a WordPress website running The Event Calendar plugin, or do you post your  events to Facebook, Eventbrite, iCalendar, Google Calendar, or Meetup?

  1. we can remotely pull events from your existing event calendar
  2. we automate the process to run on a set schedule
  3. changes to your calendar will automatically update your listings

Regardless of what your website runs on, do you post events to a calendar that provides ICS files? We can work with that as well, by importing an ICS file you provide.


  1. there are instructions and sample spreadsheet files that you can populate with your own events - see Listing your NEBC Events using Excel Files.
  2. once you have your events filed in, email the file(s) for importing to the calendar. Send them again if you need to make changes to existing events, or add new events, or both.


Who can participate and be listed in the calendar?
Any birding club or organization from the New England region.

We barely have time to post our own calendar, much less another one.
In many cases we can automate the process. At the very least, we can provide a spreadsheet template that can be filled out in a few minutes and sent back to us for import. Easy!

What is the cost?
There is no cost to participate in the calendar.

Do event listings lead back to our club or website?

Can our listings be further customized with our logo?
Yes, simply send us something to work with.

We’re running our website on WordPress and simply typing in each event. Is there a better way?
Yes, you can use a 100% compatible calendar plugin – The Event Calendar by Modern Tribe – available for free from the WordPress repository. It will seamlessly tie into the New England Birding Calendar and is the preferred standard for website calendaring.

How do we get started – what are the options?
There are two ways to get your event listings posted on the NEBC.

EASIEST: if you have an existing event calendar*, we can probably tap into it and add/update your event displays for you, automatically and on a set schedule.

STILL EASY: we provide you an Excel template that you can fill in and send back with your upcoming events.

*we can import from CSV, ICS, Facebook, Eventbrite, iCalendar, Google Calendar, Meetup, and many websites built on WordPress or similar CMS's

OK, but how do we get started?
Fill out the quick form below. With your help, we'll find the calendar option that works best and easiest for you.

What categories should we use for our trips and events?
Here are the categories currently being used on this site, how about these as a good starting point? The more that we can standardize on these names, the less confusion we create as visitors travel from the NEBC to your website.

  • Birding 101
  • Conservation Series
  • Field Trip
  • Limited Mobility
  • Meeting
  • Pelagic
  • Wildlife Series
  • Workshop

The first step is to submit the form below. With your help, we'll find the combination that works best for you.