Listing Your Events using Excel Files

Adding your events to the New England Birding Calendar (NEBC) using Excel files involves working with one required file (your events), and two optional files (location / venue details, and field trip leader / event organizer details).

Once your files are ready, forward them to for importing into the calendar.

If you want to make changes to any of your existing events at any time, simply send a new file that contains your changed events, locations, or organizers. When re-imported, the changes will get applied.

Events (required)

The file has a sample event contained in it that you can follow as a model:

Event Name: Quabbin Reservoir
Venue Name: Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 10
Organizer: Amanda Kelly
Start Date: 1-Jan-19
Start Time: 7:00 AM
End Date: 1-Jan-19
End Time: 12:00 PM
All Day: FALSE
Categories: Birding 101,Conservation Series,Field Trip,Limited Mobility,Meeting,Pelagic,Wildlife Series,Workshop
Event Website:
Show Map Link: TRUE
Show Map: TRUE
Event Description: Join Amanda on a 4-to-5-mile walk through a very birdy area with species ranging from Broad-winged Hawk to Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Blue-headed Vireo, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, and lots of stuff in between.
Meeting Place Description: Gate 10 on Route 202 in Pelham.
eBird Link:
Time Zone: America/New_York

Venue Name is optional but is the key to getting your event included on the map listings. If omitted, the event will still appear in the listings, but won't appear on the default map view (more on that below).

Organizer is optional, but useful to specify because it will be included in ancillary listings that ultimately lead back to your organization.

Notice that this sample event is a member of all available currently available Categories - Birding 101,Conservation Series,Field Trip,Limited Mobility,Meeting,Pelagic,Wildlife Series,Workshop. An impossible situation, but illustrative of your choices as far as categories are concerned. For example, a field trip for beginners would be properly defined with "Birding 101,Field Trip."

The Event Website field might link back to your organization's event detail page, your contact page, your home page, etc.

download sample file: NEBC Events

Optional Files

The following two files are optional, but there are caveats to not including them.

  1. If a location / venue isn't defined for your event, the event won't appear on the map (though it will still appear in other listings such as month view).
  2. If a field trip leader / event organizer isn't defined, you limit your exposure through adjunct listings where this information appears.

Please note that once you have any of these items imported, you never have to repeat the process unless there are changes or new additions. Unsure if something is in the calendar already? You can view the comprehensive location & organizer listings on the lower portion of the current home page to see what's in the system.

Event Locations / Venues

The file has a sample location contained in it that you can follow as a model. Notice how Venue Name matches the Venue Name field that is contained in the event spreadsheet:

Venue Name: Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 10
Venue Address: 235 Daniel Shays Hwy
Venue Address 2:
Venue City: Pelham
Venue State: MA
Venue Zip:
Venue Country: United States
Venue Phone:
Venue Website:
Venue Latitude:
Venue Longitude:
Venue Overwrite Coordinates:

For locations that don't have an address (such as unnamed roads or explicit meeting locations), latitude and longitude coordinates can be specified. Most online mapping sites will display coordinates that you can enter into these fields. When specifying lat/lon, set Venue Overwrite Coordinates to TRUE.

download sample file: NEBC Locations

Field Trip Leaders / Event Organizers

The file has a sample field trip leader contained in it that you can follow as a model. Notice how Organizer Name matches the Organizer field in the event spreadsheet:

Organizer Name: Amanda Kelly
Organizer Email:
Organizer Website:
Organizer Phone: 967-456-6738

This could just as well contain contact info for your organization if that is more appropriate. Email, website and phone are all optional.

download sample file: NEBC Organizers

If the above three sample files were imported, they would display as shown below.

a sample event on the default map view page ("VIEW AS")
a sample event on the default map view page ("VIEW AS")
a sample event detail page
a sample event detail page

Note: when the listing is affiliated with a Club or Organization, the listing can include a custom logo within each listing, and a Club page where every upcoming trip is listed.